Beelynk brings ADS-B Traffic, Weather & GPSfrom your sim to your EFB

Featuresof Beelynk

Want to learn your EFB BEFORE you take it in the cockpit?

Industry experts agree… being able to train on your EFB with realistic scenarios is certainly a great idea. Now you can train without the risk of actually flying. Safely train on workflows, checklists, procedures and more in the safety of your home or your favorite local flight school.

One-and-done setup

Beelynk requires no special software to configure for your flight simulator. Simply power it up, log into the special WiFi connection it creates, and configure it to join your home or business network with very simple on-screen instructions. Then, 3 very simple steps in most X-Plane installations and you won’t EVER have to touch Beelynk again. It just works – plain and simple.

Use YOUR tablet and EFB

No more do you need to use just iPads with X-Plane. No more do you have to hack and slice your Android tablet to get it to use a finicky output from your computer. Beelynk acts like an ADS-B In receiver you would use in your airplane – most EFBs know exactly what to do with this signal.

Use ADS-B Weather on your EFB for maximum realism

A first for the simulator industry, Beelynk can combine real-world weather information with the GPS stream from your simulator to provide an immersive realistic experience you literally cannot get anywhere else.
X-Plane 11 users can even receive ADS-B In services – including simulated METARs and NEXRAD – straight from the X-Plane weather you’re actually flying in.

Your flight instructor can bring their tablet too

Some solutions only allow one EFB to connect at any given time. Beelynk will serve any practical number of tablets with one easy setup.

Supports ADS-B Traffic Service from PilotEdge and X-Plane

For an extra dose of realism, if you are a PilotEdge subscriber and connected to that network, Beelynk can receive the traffic data from the PilotEdge plugin (traffic targets are other airplanes in the PilotEdge system) and display that information to your EFB as TIS-B traffic targets.
X-Plane 11 AI traffic (computer generated airplanes you can turn on and off) will show as TIS-B traffic targets even when you’re not a PilotEdge pilot.

How It Works

Beelynk is a stand-alone software solution installed on a Raspberry Pi mini-computer.  It uses position data from X-Plane versions 9-11 and relays that information as an ADS-B device to most Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

When configured to do so, Beelynk can also download real-life METAR and NEXRAD data from NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) servers, process that data, and send it to connected EFBs as FIS-B data that most apps can then display to the pilot.


You’ll need:

  • Your own simulator PC with X-Plane version 9-11 installed on it.
  • A WiFi network -or- Ethernet connection to that PC.
  • An open socket in a standard household electrical plug-in.
  • An Internet browser.
  • A tablet or phone with any EFB installed on it that can connect to EITHER a custom ADS-B device OR a Stratux ADS-B device.  NOTE: The Garmin Pilot App is not compatible with Beelynk.  Garmin only works with Garmin devices, at Garmin’s choice.  A future version of Beelynk will allow emulation of the X-Plane 11 data stream, which is compatible to Garmin Pilot for GPS position ONLY (no weather or traffic).

Recommended requirements (in addition to above):

  • A WiFi network or Ethernet network with Internet service.
  • PilotEdge account for realistic ATC service.


A short list of things Beelynk can unlock for simulator pilots and flight instruction at all levels:

  • Geo-referenced charts, plates, and airport diagrams function as they would in the airplane, allowing for realistic training scenarios in a simulator.
  • Use and application of ETE/ETA based on GPS data.
  • CFI can manually disable the service, simulating failure of GPS to force practice of pilotage and navigation skills.
  • Integrate electronic checklists from an EFB into a cockpit routine.
  • Practice basic and advanced workflows with an EFB.
    • Ground ops like airport diagrams and checklists.
    • Departure flow into enroute tasks.
    • Arrivals, VFR and IFR, especially into unfamiliar or busy airspace.
    • Mining airport information with the proper taps and workflows.
    • How to use the EFB to replace all paper products, such as Chart Supplements and Legends.
    • Practice managing downloads.
  • GPS failures and ADS-B In/METAR/NEXRAD weather benefits and limitations.
  • For pro users on X-Plane 9, use RealWX download to “preload” all local METARs and altimeter settings for a nice “texture” to the simulator and ADS-B METARs for instrument flying.

ScreenshotOur product screenshot

  • Unlimited use
  • X-Plane 9+ supported
  • Work with at home simulators & professional simulators
  • 3+ EFB connections simultaneously
  • In the Box:
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Beelynk pre-loaded on an SD card and licensed to you.
    • Raspberry-approved power supply


Beelynk Professional

Best for flight schools with an Aviation Training Device running X-Plane 9.7.

  • Unlimited use.
  • X-Plane versions 9-11 supported.
  • Guided Setup.
  • RealWx proxy service to allow automatic, real-world weather conditions again.
  • Ask About Options for multiple simulators.
  • EFB Training syllabus included.  Start generating value right away.
  • In the Box:
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Beelynk pre-loaded on an SD card and licensed to your school.
    • Raspberry-approved power supply.

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